I have lived in Ocala all my life. I was born in Monroe Regional Hospital in Ocala.
We know have 2 wonderful grandsons, I love my home town.  
No, it was not a great experience. It was actually awful. We decided that if we ever sold
a home again we needed a Realtor or more experience.  I became a Realtor 13 years
ago.  I loved being a Realtor and Selling homes.
   Selling your home should not be a real stressful time.  Of course, you will have
anxiety. You may question your self and ask if you are making the right the move.  I am
here to help you make a competent decision.
Buyers, My customers have always come back to thank me for helping them. Seems
there is a right time to buy and place for everyone. Just because your sister, brother,
mother or in-laws are pushing you to buy, does not  mean it is the right time for you.  
We can work together and make sure you are financially ready to buy.
For the second time home buyer, you have went through all the emotions and probably
some really confusing times.
  You know what to expect. But please keep in mind, that every home and transaction
is different.  An experienced Realtor can still be a great help in  negotiating and
communicating with the bank, home inspectors etc.

One of the questions that really seems to be an important factor in listing a home is,
Can I take my home off the market if I change my mind. YES. We do not charge a
cancellation fee.
   Sometimes our life changes and we have to keep up with  the change. The last thing
you need is a Realtor telling you that you can not take your home off the market. In
some cases they tell you that you have to pay a high dollar amount to remove your
Remember what I said earlier, the reason why I became a Realtor, was because of my
bad experience with a Realtor.
   I work with you, not against you!!!
I believe in being pro-active not reactive. Whether you are buying or selling I am here
for you.        
               I am your Ocala Realtor.
FTC / MARS Disclosure: Hook and Ladder Reatly  INC, is not associated with the government, and our service is not
approved by the government or your lender; and even if you accept this offer and use our service, your lender may not
agree to change your loan/approve a short sale.   If you stop paying your mortgage, you could lose your home and damage
your credit.

Virginia Wright